Horoscope: Nov. 8-14


Feelings of forgiveness will allow some situations to carry on longer than they should.

A repeat will have similar results, so think it over. A shift in feelings is natural and unavoidable. Decide who will move if there is a choice — work or personal.

Emotional outbursts or threats cannot be taken back, so be careful how much you say; take the high road.

Things calm a bit by Friday the 13th; luck changes. Plan travel or an escape from pressure even if it is short-lived.

Meetings or gatherings on the weekend have some degree of success; keep expectations in the neutral zone so there is room to shift gears quickly if situations require it.

ARIES: You may have to deal with jealousy situations. Try to take the high road with this. Wait.

TAURUS: Make long-term plans with those who will be there for you when the time is right.

GEMINI: Take command over those behaving childishly. You have to think or act on your feet.

CANCER: You do your best to convince others to do what you want. You have ambitious goals.

LEO: You have luck with locations or assets of yours or others. Make special arrangements.

VIRGO: Take time out from rules or regulations as there needs to be a period of adjustment.

LIBRA: Organize home-related matters or special get-togethers. Mix business with pleasure.

SCORPIO: It’s time to spill the beans if you have been waiting for it. Handle this with care.

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals will benefit you. Keep others at bay if they try to influence this.

CAPRICORN: Power people are interested in your ideas or point of view. Explain clearly.

AQUARIUS: Special arrangements behind the scenes will benefit your position. Status rises.

PISCES: Play it cool until you are in a position of strength. There is time for negotiations.

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