Horoscope: Oct. 25-31


Hold meetings in person or on Zoom as everyone needs to be on the same page before the work week gets underway.

Decide who will be in charge so each can move forward knowing their duties or separate responsibilities. Adapt to any changes of protocol or venue.

Associates strive to get along with an eye on the expected shared benefits. Agree on cost-cutting measures that would boost the bottom line.

Those outside the circle try to butt in without much luck; just carry on. Bull headed power grabbers get frustrated and move on as it becomes an issue of quit or get fired.

The full moon in Taurus on Halloween causes some to lock horns.

ARIES: Take control of finances or assets for yourself or others. A shift of focus occurs quickly now.

TAURUS: Others know you mean business and do their best to placate you. Lay out serious plans.

GEMINI: Your power increases behind the scenes. Unexpected activity connects to official people.

CANCER: Sudden changes affect how much you can count on associates or authorities for help.

LEO: Status or career goals may be tied to locations. It’s time to take the long view on best choice.

VIRGO: Be open to change that will benefit you even if it is not what you had originally concerned.

LIBRA: Cash things in or convert where you can. Making changes will lighten heavy loads easily.

SCORPIO: Rein in those who are acting up or trying to pull rank. There is required protocol, etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Secrets need careful handling so as not to upset the apple cart or associates.

CAPRICORN: Be in touch with those who can pull strings for you. Step out of comfort zone now.

AQUARIUS: Career or ambitions affect where you can go or show certain required conditions.

PISCES: Your thoughts seem to attract those who can fulfil your greater plans without effort.

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