Horoscope: Oct. 18-24


A lot is packed into today to start the week off running full tilt.

Mix business with pleasure where it works. Catch up on as much as you can. Personal or other relationship matters reach a point of decision or conclusion; it has been coming for awhile now.

Make sure you don’t forget something or wind up on the wrong road; no distracted driving. Late night calls or visits cause schedules to be altered or deadlines to change.

The way things look need to be the way they really are as they level out mid-week. Settle into a better pattern.

Park egos in the back seat and follow rules or protocol to avoid having to do things over or changing them.

ARIES: Stand firm without demanding. Others bend, realizing you should be in the leadership role.

TAURUS: Step out of your comfort zone. Avoid control issues and adapt to prevailing conditions.

GEMINI: Your intuition is in high gear and allows you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

CANCER: Position and/or career goals are affected by those in authority or control. Adapt now.

LEO: Do what is necessary to secure your income or status. Decide how far to take this to gain.

VIRGO: Accept others help or encouragement as it will ease your worries. Allow some leeway.

LIBRA: Cozy relationships need to be protected from those who are jealous or making trouble.

SCORPIO: You are toasted by those in high places as they like what they see. Tug on the reins.

SAGITTARIUS: Your status rises with income potential. Take matters into your own hands now.

CAPRICORN: Your reputation spreads and others realize you are the right pick. Dress the part.

AQUARIUS: Your influence behind the scenes grows and there could be certain benefits with it.

PISCES: Focus on personal or business relationships. Others are becoming more aware of you.

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