Horoscope: Oct. 4-10


Additional information puts a spin on plans. A change of direction will still work out as there won’t be much back tracking to recover from.

Some will see their dreams taking shape along a different path. Relax and be mellow as they unfold.

Put closure to areas that need it; no use flogging a dead horse. Communication back and forth helps in the
re-organization process.

Those in positions of authority need to have the final say to get things moving in the right direction.

It takes a little longer for some to adjust as their egos are still a driving force on what they want. Cool your jets in a neutral setting or get away from it all to relax and regroup.

ARIES: If you apply pressure to get support it could backfire. Have financial source you can control.

TAURUS: Don’t snap at those you may need in your corner later. If you do, then bring them a treat.

GEMINI: Be prepared for some rug pulling by those who think they have power, but they do not.

CANCER: A shake up with associates shows you need to pick your battles more carefully. Prove.

LEO: Handle important matters over long distance. Negotiate terms to your advantage if you can.

VIRGO: Surprise communications can turn the tide in your situation. There are details to navigate.

LIBRA: Stay in your own corners or separate locations until matters can be sorted out or finished.

SCORPIO: You may have to be a bit more dramatic for effect when you take over control or lead.

SAGITTARIUS: Matters that go on in private will need careful handling with all those involved now.

CAPRICORN: Put extra effort into what you are trying to achieve and it will show in the results.

AQUARIUS: Deal with control issues behind the scenes. Be very clear on where you stand, etc.

PISCES: A surprise meeting or connection could ruffle feathers of those close to you or them.

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