Horoscope: Sept. 20-26


People feeling restless or out of sorts need to look for the cause. Some of this is imagination or lack of sleep.

This could spill over into the office where others will ask awkward questions. Don’t expect more from them than they are able to give, including emotional support.

Avoid forcing any issues or getting in each others faces; seek cooperation or at least meet part way. Go it alone if things become too tense. Investigate further. Power plays backfire.

Those with proper authority should step in the middle to settle things if needed.

Decisions are made regarding locations and who will move. Don’t fight the inevitable.

ARIES: Word your intentions in a way that won’t put off those you need in your support system.

TAURUS: Take more control over matters related to distance. Pull some strings behind scenes.

GEMINI: Stall or sidestep any showdowns with those who do not have all the facts or evidence.

CANCER: Your position is challenged to some degree, so be sure you organize everything now.

LEO: Make decisions regarding occupation and location. Consider your other abilities or talents.

VIRGO: Settle financial matters or how things will be taken care of in alternate ways. Check it.

LIBRA: Separate to keep the peace even if this is temporary. Have a neutral person help you.

SCORPIO: What you say or do turns things in a direction that others can get behind. Join up

SAGITTARIUS: Discuss details with those in position to handle them properly. Avoid contention.

CAPRICORN: Clarify where you stand or your area of expertise. Some control issues to handle.

AQUARIUS: Much goes on behind the scenes. Meet with those who have the proper influence.

PISCES: Others temporarily have more power than they are entitled to. Work with circumstance.

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