Horoscope: Aug. 23-29


Discuss alternatives that everyone involved can work with.

This affects personal or business or both. Go around those who are difficult. Step away from any direct conflict as damage is already done.

Remove important items from the scene to avoid questions that are nobody’s business.

There are some restrictions or forced confinement; follow the rules.

Those feeling out of sorts need to get a grip on the way things really are. This will allow the situation to settle into some sort of natural order.

Do what makes you happy. Love can be new or renewed. Look at this clearly as you move forward with relationships of all types.

Keep wits about you.

ARIES: Take a stand or apply pressure to upgrade or secure the position you really want to have.

TAURUS: Deal with serious matters over distance that will need your personal attention or choice.

GEMINI: Be prepared to adapt to changes that cannot be avoided at this time. It works out.

CANCER: Your status is affected by those in authority who control how situations will play out.

LEO: You have behind-the-scenes support near or far. Negotiate financial terms with positions.

VIRGO: Others take care of delicate matters that affect you now. Make the necessary changes.

LIBRA: There is some pressure with timelines regarding residential matters for you or others.

SCORPIO: Others step aside whether they are ready or not. Circumstances control things.

SAGITTARIUS: Keep negotiations light with finances or property matters. Navigate obstacles.

CAPRICORN: Decide who you are willing to work with to get things done. Develop schedules.

AQUARIUS: Meet with power people or authorities behind the scenes. Make some decisions.

PISCES: Make sure others are on your side willingly or tensions could build up unexpectedly.

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