Horoscope: Aug. 9-15


Anxiety causes restless sleep patterns and unusual dream activity. This can influence some to make choices that they morally would not.

Give it a few days for the effects to pass. Deal with depression to feel better about things.

Seek wise counsel from someone you trust and then put a plan together. Relax a bit or do what you enjoy if you have to wait.

Discuss confidential info in private to check the facts. It seems those involved have their own version of what was said or done.

The truth will come out eventually even though a search for evidence seems fruitless. It won’t matter much anyway.

Spruce things up in home or work digs.

ARIES: Issues with status or responsibilities can be frustrating. Avoid any showdowns over this.

TAURUS: Take care of communications or electrical devices. Resend or make some revisions.

GEMINI: Try not to react to the way info is interpreted by those wishing to catch you off guard.

CANCER: Clarify who is with you when you want to make your play. They have their own ideas.

LEO: Use your natural charm to negotiate changes or a position you want. Think about status.

VIRGO: Plans need some juggling to make them fit your agenda in a more productive way now.

LIBRA: Use your intuition to navigate obstacles. This will save other costs or recovery efforts.

SCORPIO: Your ability to step into someone else’s shoes saves the day. Have stuff prepared.

SAGITTARIUS: There can be more than one source of income or some unusual arrangements.

CAPRICORN: Research the value of something before you decide what to do about it. Wait now.

AQUARIUS: To maintain control keep matters confidential. Join forces with a powerful person.

PISCES: Others recognize your status or influence even if you stay in the wings until ready.

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