Horoscope: Aug. 2-8


The full moon in Aquarius brings humanitarian issues in to the spotlight more urgently.

A call for unity needs to be heard and acted on. Heads must be pulled out of the sand. There can be a change or rules or who is in charge. Work around this as best you can.

Travel may require different scheduling for now. Circumstances are beyond control, so have an alternate route that works just as well; the end result is still the same.

Keep expectations realistic in all areas; save where you can. Pay attention to intuition or dreams that could
affect plans.

Calm emotions before taking action on matters that are uncertain. Expect the unexpected.

ARIES: Step back a bit and let others show their hand before you make your final, controlled play.

TAURUS: Making decisions may seem sudden to others, but you have had gut feelings to go on.

GEMINI: Others try to apply pressure from different angles. Navigate around rules or attitudes.

CANCER: A showdown of sorts will clarify where everyone really stands. Positions are adjusted.

LEO: Make choices that will make you feel more settled with the way things seem to play out.

VIRGO: When seeking more freedom there could be different rules to follow or some restrictions.

LIBRA: Use your charm in speech or action. This will help your agenda and pave the pathway.

SCORPIO: You may have to step in where others are not holding up their end. Pull some rank.

SAGITTARIUS: Watch your words as you apply subtle pressure in areas that need correction.

CAPRICORN: Measure your actions so you are in forward motion. Take on some responsibility.

AQUARIUS: Your power or influence becomes more visible. Others try to communicate with you.

PISCES: Settle up with who owes whom to avoid competitions that escalate over pettiness etc.

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