Horoscope: July 26-Aug. 1


Financial bottom lines cause some to take a more realistic view of their future.

It could be time to move or at least make adjustments to your situation.

There are not as many options at the moment. Try on different jobs or positions to see if its a good fit. Negotiate any special terms etc. Nerves may be on edge over this.

Settle into a routine by Tuesday.

Try to get along with or stay out of the way of big egos. They need you more than you need them.

Extra running around allows you time to think or check alternatives. See how much wiggle room you have. Plan future travel or prepare to have company.

Coordinate timelines with each other.

ARIES: Meet with associates in private to see what they want before letting other get overly involved.

TAURUS: Special wording sends a subliminal message to those you are trying to reach Be cryptic.

GEMINI: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Put on a calm show of strength to buy some extra time.

CANCER: Trying to force things to go a certain way could get others to react in unexpected ways.

LEO: Soft peddle your approach with those who compete on some level. It helps you get along.

VIRGO: A change of rules or authority structure will require different choices going forward now.

LIBRA: If you can’t avoid what is happening at least negotiate to have moving expenses covered.

SCORPIO: Manage secrets carefully for now even if you are pressured for early disclosure etc.

SAGITTARIUS: Your intuition is a strong guide in dealings with finances, property or other assets.

CAPRICORN: Be the leader in a freelance way as others need your special expertise or help.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes as this will matter as to how certain matters play out.

PISCES: A connection to important or influential individuals will benefit you and them as well now.

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