Horoscope: July 12-18


Enjoy the lighter side of relationships. New or unusual connections are interesting no matter how long they last.

Plans should be open-ended as they are subject to change as mercury resumes forward motion.

Those of different cultures or beliefs are attracted to each other. Discuss where there is common ground before taking it any further.

Don’t be afraid of what others may say if either wants to move. Make sure arrangements or documents are in order.

Agreeable words relieve stress or tension to get others on board. Pay required fees or up-front deposits.

Make a break from the past. Travel to a neutral or scenic location. Navigate carefully.

ARIES: Your words come across as passionate or emotional and will motivate others to take action.

TAURUS: Strong convictions spur you on to make changes or advance a progressive agenda. It works.

GEMINI: You work with those of equal power even if titles are different. It becomes a united force now.

CANCER: Sort out who has the ability to pull strings for you; drop those who don’t. You need resolution.

LEO: Others seek you out for your talents or unique ideas. Your influence gets them moving forward.

VIRGO: You can advance your position by not stepping on any toes to get there. It’s a natural process.

LIBRA: Status or career choices will have an effect on location for yourself or those otherwise involved.

SCORPIO: You are seen as an authority near or far. Decide who goes where and for how long etc.

SAGITTARIUS: You are connected to a rich source of income or assets. Make special arrangements.

CAPRICORN: Unite with others in teamwork that is beneficial. This will shorten up the timeline on it.

AQUARIUS: Meet behind closed doors. It is important that things be handled in confidence. Patience.

PISCES: You receive credit for your ideas or leadership abilities. It’s a win-win situation for everyone.

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