Horoscope: July 5-11


The influence of the full moon is waning. This allows pressure to be released in some areas for now; take advantage of it.

Some are given a second chance — personal or business; decide if it is worth it. Discuss what each expects of the other and make up your mind; attitudes affect choices.

Grand plans are still possible, so stay focused. A change of location may be required. Pick mode of transportation. Settle into new or renovated surroundings.

Extra running around will take care of loose ends.

Those with inflated egos will get a reality check and have to make necessary adjustments. They will see how it was actually for the best.

ARIES: Soften your words or demands, so others will listen and consider what you want from them.

TAURUS: You pull the strings with finances or assets that affect related people or situations.

GEMINI: Others find you more attractive and may come on stronger than you feel comfortable with.

CANCER: You pursue your ambitious agenda, but may have to alter how you do it and with whom.

LEO: Special arrangements will give you a sense of security that is not obvious to others now.

VIRGO: Take time to do additional research when it comes to relationships. You need some clarity.

LIBRA: Your ability to promote will turn the tide in a more positive direction. Others will follow up.

SCORPIO: Location choices become more important to your agenda. Take control of planning.

SAGITTARIUS: You have luck with home or property matters. Play your cards close to the vest.

CAPRICORN: Others seek out your knowledge or expertise. Take a hands-on approach to gain.

AQUARIUS: Discuss details behind the scenes that will benefit you when it all comes together.

PISCES: Relationships can be unusual or inspirational. See what you have in common. Meet.

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