Horoscope: June 21-27

OVERVIEW: There is a tighter grip on things or they are clamped down on. The energy of the eclipse in the sign of Cancer causes some to hang on past when they should be letting go. Circumstances influence how this will evolve. Cut losses and move on where possible. Decisions on Monday set a course of action to follow. It's OK to leave things behind. Consider alternate modes of transport. Personal or career goals need assessment. Try to align this properly so you are not held back any more. Come out of your shell. Do something to improve appearance or make yourself feel better in general. You don’t need to wait behind others or step aside.

ARIES: You have hidden power behind the scenes now so there is no need to make a show or force.

TAURUS: Align with those well connected or who handle things in a confidential manner. Brainstorm.

GEMINI: You have influence that others are not aware of. You need to maintain this for awhile longer. 

CANCER: The eclipse in your sign encourages you to handle situations differently. Get others on board.

LEO: Arrangements can be made for you to feel more secure or that you are on the right path now. 

VIRGO: Discuss matters on a deeper level to make sure you are on the same page. Meet with them.

LIBRA: You can get away from it all or work remotely. Enjoy special locations or retreats. Speculate. 

SCORPIO: You are lucky or have the Midas touch. Others admire your ability to put things in order.

SAGITTARIUS: There is added security in what you have and it can be converted into other forms.

CAPRICORN: Unite with others and it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Have each other's back. 

AQUARIUS: Increase earning power by changing jobs or the way you handle your regular one now. 

PISCES: Weave a spell that makes others relax or feel included in everything while it goes ahead.

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