Horoscope: May 31-June 6

OVERVIEW:  Pull thoughts and ideas together in a way that works for all involved without going into debt or losing control. Leave room for adaptations or adjustments along the way. Egos will juggle for position as they try to take credit for what they think is their part in any success. This will settle out in a natural way. Put jealousy aside as there is a need to focus on the end game where all will benefit to some degree. Discuss emotions one on one in private; expectations are different. Find a way to meet in the middle or move on. Odd comments should not be taken personally. Don’t react. Lighten up by the full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius on Friday.

ARIES: Pressure is applied behind the scenes that is hard to withstand under present conditions.

TAURUS: Settle who holds the reins in joint or group funds. Put egos aside so all involved benefit. 

GEMINI: Clarify your relationships in a way that your status or reputation is not going to be affected. 

CANCER: Verify information before taking action on it, especially if it has to be handled far away. 

LEO: Avoid taking any financial risks on a whim or doing shopping therapy under the full moon.

VIRGO: Shoulder responsibility in a way that you don’t have to count on others' involvement now. 

LIBRA: Make sure comments or opinions do not have a hidden agenda or inflated expectations.

SCORPIO: Take a closer look at what seems interesting to you. It may not be as it was presented. 

SAGITTARIUS: Relationship matters need more privacy. Pick a secluded or unusual place to meet.

CAPRICORN: Work or job opportunity may have unforeseen conditions requiring you to adapt.

AQUARIUS: Creative activity or fun does not have to be expensive so refuse to pay more for it. 

PISCES: You receive extra attention no matter what the stage or setting under the full moon.

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