Horoscope: May 17-23

OVERVIEW: Pull grand plans together near or far. Some are restless and want to see action on any level. This is OK if steps are in place in an orderly fashion. Shift gears or change sides if this suits you better as timing is everything. Sudden travel or location choices affect results. Put aside petty differences as it is obvious that it is just ego sparring. There is more benefit to being united. Work it out over a game of skill to diffuse the situation; patience is tested. Seek further information or evidence to support your agenda or gain leverage. Decisions made by Friday the 22nd new moon in Gemini will support comparisons providing a two-way street or alternate.

ARIES: Your observations and input will have an effect on how decisions are made or carried out.

TAURUS: An assessment of value leads to private arrangements between key individuals now.

GEMINI: Others may be puzzled by where you stand on certain things. You need time to choose.

CANCER: A lot goes on behind the scenes near or far. Navigate information carefully to clarify.

LEO: Private talks with power people works out for you so stick to your original agenda for now.

VIRGO: You can override others in a diplomatic way so all can save face no matter the result.

LIBRA: Travel can be arranged so that some or all of your expenses can be paid or written off. 

SCORPIO: Past connections to others' money or assets turns out lucky for you. Review deals. 

SAGITTARIUS: Confidential or cozy talk leads to future plans together. Words are endearing. 

CAPRICORN: You have luck with work or career aspirations. It's safe to branch out or consult.

AQUARIUS: Discuss what you value with those you care about. Personal connections deepen. 

PISCES: The full moon highlights home matters or base of operations. Re-arrange or upgrade.

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