Horoscope: May 10-16

OVERVIEW: Consider input from others no matter where they are in the pecking order. Take a different route or approach if it provides a viable short cut to get the same results. Stepping outside the lines can be a good thing as long as it's not a backward slide. Stay calm Monday if communications or traffic glitches test patience, pause and go with the flow; you won’t miss anything important. Emotional matters reach a peak this week. You can take matters to the next stage or end them once and for all whichever feels right. Handle anxiety if away from home or base; it's temporary. Adhere to deadlines to finish Friday or do some overtime on the weekend.

ARIES: Settle wording and expectations before a final agreement is reached regarding positions.

TAURUS: Your review of others has a timeline. There is no need to pull rank or hold them back.

GEMINI: You take command of others or a situation. Keep statements short and to the point now.

CANCER: Make sure others are on the same page with you before interpreting how things unfold.

LEO: Take charge in a way that avoids face to face confrontation. You have enough power. Wait. 

VIRGO: Private talks lead to arrangements that suit all involved. You do have more security now. 

LIBRA: You can mix business with pleasure even if you dip into funds earmarked for other things.

SCORPIO: You can slowly bring others around to your way of thinking and get the desired results. 

SAGITTARIUS: Look at ways to increase income. This could involve getting rid of certain things.

CAPRICORN: Make sure others do not take advantage of your generous or helpful nature. Deal. 

AQUARIUS: Meet with influential individuals in private to discuss the best way to move ahead.

PISCES: Collect information or count votes to see which side everyone is on. Brainstorm ideas.

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