Horoscope: May 3-9

OVERVIEW: The sun in the sign of Taurus places a stronger focus on finances, the markets and any efforts made to stabilize. Cut losses and pull practical plans together no matter what is needed. Navigate around circumstances. Efforts made will get results on most levels. Those with power behind the scenes add some influence in the right departments as they see they will benefit from this as well. Play the long game if you can do it. Private deals will provide compensation for any up front costs. The full moon in Scorpio agitates those with intense emotions. A poker face is useful right now while negotiating terms or positions. Plan next moves.

ARIES: You can be the key player in any dealings with others as you engage and take charge.

TAURUS: Be the star near or far as your feet-on-the-ground methods calm the anxiety of others. 

GEMINI: Play cards very close to the vest. It's better if others don’t know your level of influence.

CANCER: You need all the information or evidence required to convince others to work with you. 

LEO: You shine in the eyes of others as they see what a trooper you are. Take charge if you can. 

VIRGO: A hands-on approach helps your agenda or clear your path. Brainstorm with others now. 

LIBRA: Clarify details regarding finances or assets that could also be connected jointly to them.

SCORPIO: Measure your words carefully or your intensity could alter the status quo. Just relax. 

SAGITTARIUS: Private deals are a win-win for all involved. Process everything in the right order. 

CAPRICORN: Your steady, stable personality calms others and attracts some good luck to you. 

AQUARIUS: Take a stand if you have to be the one in charge as your leadership is important.

PISCES: Play a bit of a shell game with associates for now. You need to feel your way with this. 

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