Horoscope: Feb. 23-29

OVERVIEW: Some start the week slowly as they are feeling a bit dreamy. The new moon in Pisces increases the chance of making emotional decisions. It will become necessary to produce a practical plan. Mercury is still retrograde so it could take a little longer to get organized; leave option open. Make sure there is real value or profit, otherwise funds are wasted. It's time for feet on the ground. Sort out who is best suited to assume a role or leadership in all of this; listen to one with experience. Draft letters or proposals to be considered. Discuss critical details between key players. Avoid low class relationships and escape negative or manipulative ones. 

ARIES: When climbing the ladder of success, take it rung by rung to reach your goal. Don’t skip.

TAURUS: Keep your hands on the financial reins in order to move your agenda in right direction.

GEMINI: You have the ability to change lanes very quickly to adapt to games others are playing.

CANCER: The new moon highlights matters that you want to influence. Work with authorities.

LEO: You don’t have to be a one-man army by doing others' work for them. Organize your job.

VIRGO: Sort out what you need compared to what you want. There can be a new arrangement.

LIBRA: A change of location or venue can work for you even if it was not your first choice, etc. 

SCORPIO: Adjust relationships to make them clearer concerning what is business or personal.

SAGITTARIUS: Establish security in your power base. Build on what you have accomplished. 

CAPRICORN: Be the one to take the lead or instruct others so they feel like they are included. 

AQUARIUS: Let out information on a need to know basis so others can absorb it in stages. 

PISCES: Step into the limelight with the new moon in your sign. Convince others to join you.

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