Horoscope: Jan. 19-25

OVERVIEW: Being out the door too fast can cause delays or having to go back. Many are trying to catch up. Some will be anxious to travel. Keep emotions contained until you get together in person. Have things stabilized by midweek to allow time for adjustments to take hold before the weekend if it's workable. Replace or upgrade equipment, as well. Look at the bigger picture where gains can be made. Keep romance talk private until each knows what the other wants out of the relationship. The new moon in Aquarius brings humanitarian concerns forward where action can be taken to deal with them in a speedy manner.
ARIES: Check support you have by attending a closed door meeting or chat on a conference call.

TAURUS: Others will step up to the plate if you require them to. They try not to interfere up front.

GEMINI: Be careful that important messages go through the right channels or get to those intended. 

CANCER: Serious talks bring issues out where they can be handled or settled. Make arrangements. 

LEO: Others look to you for reassurance of what is really going on and where you fit into this now. 

VIRGO: Keep emotional exchanges light and others will be willing to go the extra mile to help out. 

LIBRA: Surprise contact causes a sudden change of plans. This could work out well for you now. 

SCORPIO: Attend or be the one to arrange meetings to discuss things in person. Teach or learn.

SAGITTARIUS: Be the driving force or the one to step in where needed. Lay out an alternate plan.

CAPRICORN: Sudden opportunity would require a decision about how much involvement for you.

AQUARIUS: Plan to visit new or unusual locations or sites. Give an opinion or analysis if asked.

PISCES: Check with the needs of associates to see who will be on board with your agenda now.

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