Horoscope: Dec. 22-28


Strong-willed individuals stand their ground as they follow a certain playbook that was agreed on. Other powerful participants have ability to change the story to better fit reality.

Today is a pivotal day where tides will turn at home or abroad. Sustained, determined focus will have results.

Wiser, connected associates provide an assessment that will influence the direction or wording content.

Some information exchanges will be covert out of necessity. A promise can be fulfilled under the new moon solar
eclipse in Capricorn.

It is a freeing experience. Make future plans alone or together.

Merry Christmas to all near or far. Enjoy the holidays.

ARIES: Use rules or protocol to your advantage no matter how others try to interpret or avoid them.

TAURUS: Take steps to redefine your role or position so it will be accepted by those who doubt it.

GEMINI: A discussion about funding or assets requires the participation of those in control of this.

CANCER: Power plays will need input to settle who will be affected by how it evolves or concludes.

LEO: The new moon will showcase you as the key person at work or with other important matters.

VIRGO: You have luck on your side as you navigate around those trying to block your actions now.

LIBRA: Entertain or attend special gatherings. New or renewed relationships affect future plans.

SCORPIO: Stand up and be counted. Others were waiting for you and are willing to follow along.

SAGITTARIUS: Stay focused and you will make desired gains on different levels. Money grows.

CAPRICORN: You stand out as the key person where leverage can be gained. Stick to ethics.

AQUARIUS: Behind the scenes meetings or events will have good results. You have influence.

PISCES: Step into a position that may be short term but allows you to make a big difference now.

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