Horoscope: Nov. 17-23


Let certain matters free float while keeping a tight rein on others.

Mercury will be resuming forward motion midweek. Some will feel the pause and shift as it is occurring, so what was going one way will turn and go the other; it’s an emotional tide to some degree.

Make sure your plans do not hinge on this influence; have a back-up plan. Let others know what direction you want to move in, so they can choose if they want to go along for the ride.

The door is open to look farther afield to expand in personal and business.

Follow a path of least resistance for quicker results. There is not always a mountain to climb, so pace yourself. Rest a bit.

ARIES: You can regroup or regain in personal or business relationships. Sit together to discuss terms.

TAURUS: Sit on money or assets until negotiations are complete. You will need hard copy of details.

GEMINI: Associates can become more involved with you on a deeper level in business or personal.

CANCER: Career opportunities see you weighing options that would require a location change now.

LEO: This is a lucky week where you manoeuvre things more to your liking. Just smile and carry on.

VIRGO: Work out the financial details on any matters relating to your home or comfort. This is good.

LIBRA: Your flexibility with making choices comes to a point where a decision will affect the results.

SCORPIO: You pull strings behind the scenes to right the ship or turn things around to advantage.

SAGITTARIUS: Solidify relationships with powerful people or groups who will give you their support.

CAPRICORN: Respond to those who seek your services or input, as they know you can do the job.

AQUARIUS: Connections over distance grow deeper as the understanding between you develops.

PISCES: You will be flattered as well as getting an OK on funding or other support you want now.

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