Horoscope: July 28-Aug. 3


Emotions expressed will feel like stingers to those on the receiving end.

Think of a calmer way to handle this, so it won’t be so hard to make it better. Sensitive individuals take you seriously; nerves are on edge. 

Pay attention to power issues, including lightning and electricity, etc. Have equipment upgraded or replaced.

Protests can be more erratic as targets shift.

Those short on funding should regroup or call in favours. Alter your message.

Seeking freedom affects relationships as what you expect from each other changes.

Mercury resumes forward motion mid week along with the new moon.

Sign, act, launch, etc. Get up and get going.

ARIES: Avoid spending on a whim. Take the time to research the details and who else is involved. 

TAURUS: Your sudden action catches others off guard. Home or base of operations are affected. 

GEMINI: Private information could be made public, have an alternate plan to switch to. It will matter. 

CANCER: Take a stand over your status or finances. Be in touch with those who can help with this. 

LEO: You seek a larger share of the spotlight. Try to control how you want to be seen or accepted. 

VIRGO: A lot goes on behind the scenes. Make a new or better deal, taking care of arrangements. 

LIBRA: An inside tip could cause you to consider investing on others advice. Check all the details. 

SCORPIO: You may have to make choices between career or personal matters. Justify actions.

SAGITTARIUS: Opportunity over distance is a new or renewed source of income. Accept benefits. 

CAPRICORN: You are on the inside track and can make good use of confidential information now. 

AQUARIUS: Make choices affecting home or property matters. Special arrangements work out.

PISCES: You step up to the plate and could end up calling the shots or taking on responsibility.

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