Horoscope: July 21-27


Power struggles on various levels bring feelings to the surface that need to be handled carefully.

Some are not willing to let go or see the light of reality in relationships. Competition is strong.

An agreement has to be reached. Don’t be too idealistic. Settle things done. There is a shift of responsibility for some; don’t fight it.

The atmosphere at the office is different. Quiet words with a softer personal tone will help ease fears for those less confident.

Keep anxious doubts to yourself until you see how this all unfolds. Take an interest in driving around and checking things out.

Move with the times as you adjust to the changes that are occurring.

ARIES: Choices you make will influence status or location. Decide what is best to advance career.

TAURUS: You are more focused or aggressive with investments or property matters. Do paperwork.

GEMINI: Important financial talks should not be put off. You need to know who stands with you now. 

CANCER: The way you see yourself is not the way others see you. Compare notes. Meet in middle.

LEO: You work under restrictions or time constraints, but would rather skip out for awhile to relax.

VIRGO: Consult with those who can pull strings for you. State where you want to be or reside etc. 

LIBRA: Job or career will elevate your position as well as focusing on where your office should be. 

SCORPIO: Your influence spreads far and wide. Be confident in your agenda. Others fall in line. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your generosity is the key to reaching a settlement that suits all involved. Sign it. 

CAPRICORN: Work with others behind the scenes and you will have a stronger position in the end. 

AQUARIUS: Others make way for you as they see your ability to take the reins. Lay out an agenda.

PISCES: Step around those in the way or call in favours now. Positions will shift in natural ways.

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