Horoscope: May 5-11


Powerful feelings are internalized waiting for the right moment to express themselves.

This seems like resistance to others, so don’t poke the bear. Be calm and look at the good that can come out of the situation.

Each side should put their cards on the table. Soften dialogue to smooth ruffled feathers. Leave the scene if it will help. Discuss anything owed and arrange a time line for settlement.

Surprise information catches some off guard. Seek a soul connection.

Think big as long as it has a realistic base or action plan. Check investment potential.

Let the pieces fall together in a natural way. Pick locations for home or office more suitable.

ARIES: Travel to talk to others in person if it helps to advance your agenda. They need re-assurance. 

TAURUS: Some are caught off guard by your sudden actions as this is not how you usually behave.

GEMINI: Private meetings are needed to make sure everyone is on the same page.

CANCER: Seeking to control things causes a stand off with those who feel they have more authority. 

LEO: Look at what steps you need to take to advance your position or status. You have requirements. 

VIRGO: The unexpected works in your favour so roll with the circumstances as they unfold in stages. 

LIBRA: You need to act from a position of strength. Be patient and don’t overplay your hand to win.

SCORPIO: You may be surprised to find out who has your back. Business relationships get closer.

SAGITTARIUS: Extra effort on your part leads to greater gains down the road. Do a follow through. 

CAPRICORN: Show your steady responsible side and this will make others feel more secure now. 

AQUARIUS: Most things you are dealing with need to be handled privately now. Pull it all together. 

PISCES: Old deals or arrangements should be reviewed to see where they are still workable, etc. 

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