Horoscope Feb. 24-March 2


Seek solutions that provide practical avenues of approach on various levels. Important matters need to be settled so they can move ahead or at least to the next stage.

Talks dig deeper to the root of the situation. Go back to square one if it has a firmer base; those affected want to feel some sense of security. Put personal issues aside for now.

Think outside the box. Don’t let the past drag into the future as others are going through similar things; give each other support.

Toss around ideas to find ones that are acceptable as a good alternative.

File away what cannot be dealt with at this time; it doesn’t help to beat a dead horse now. 

ARIES: Brainstorm in private so you can feel each other out on what is most important to the future. 

TAURUS: Reach out to those in key positions who can pull strings for you. Scratch each other’s back. 

GEMINI: Use your natural charm and ability with words to sway others to your point of view or rules. 

CANCER: Push for power or control near or far. Work with those in positions of authority or superior. 

LEO: There are those willing to support or back you, but wish to remain anonymous. This will work.

VIRGO: Join forces with others to make a successful team. There are great ideas that you can use. 

LIBRA: Show some leadership on the job by taking care of important matters. Organize paperwork.

SCORPIO: Your passionate feelings shock or surprise others. It has a positive effect. Clear the air. 

SAGITTARIUS: Make your needs known and you will see how it matches with others. Relax now.

CAPRICORN: Show your flexibility when discussing procedure or solutions. It looks good on you. 

AQUARIUS: Check out plans to improve home or environment. Compare cost effective measures. 

PISCES: You present a picture that is easy to understand and follow along with. Others listen up.

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