Horoscope: Jan. 20-26


Compare notes and plans with someone where there is enough that you agree on to consider taking the next step.

Giving each other an added sense of security is important. Minor differences can be put aside as long as they are not viewed through rose-coloured glasses; keep it real.

The full moon lunar eclipse in Leo could see some added drama or theatrics by those wanting attention.

Meetings provide a platform to feel each other out or play the game, easing tensions. Pick a venue that suits everyone.

Travel is a fun distraction. Keep an eye on devices or where you left them. Avoid impulsive words or actions. Lean on your strengths.

ARIES: Avoid taking a stand where others will push back or argue. You can just waltz around it easily. 

TAURUS: Focus shifts on priorities as you look at change of positions or making a move. Check status. 

GEMINI: Check the support you have from key individuals before taking actions that affect others now. 

CANCER: Look past the smoke and mirrors to get the facts or evidence on career, health or security. 

LEO: Strong emotions displayed can comfort or scare those on the receiving end depending. Wait.

VIRGO: Work with rules or structures now. Arrangements need to be made or things charged a bit. 

LIBRA: Make use of what is available before going out on financial limbs. There is good value there. 

SCORPIO: Personal relationships need to be separated from work environment as it affects others. 

SAGITTARIUS: Show what or who you are passionate about while keeping ego’s in line. Negotiate. 

CAPRICORN: Secret wishes come true if you release details on a need-to-know basis. Easy does it. 

AQUARIUS: Sudden or unexpected attention provides a travel opportunity. Handle important issues. 

PISCES: Discuss finances or investments privately until you feel the right time for you to take action. 

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