Horoscope: Dec. 23-29


Whispered conversations lead to backroom deals by those who are not sure of the direction things are going.

There are subtle power plays between individuals or groups. It will come down to who is most qualified or garners the greatest support.

Grumpy ones should just be quiet for now. Any delays won't be any help to progress on either side. This needs to count or have some impact.

Look at covertly obtained information to decide if it would be useful anywhere.

Organized feet on the ground sets the tone; calm doubters. Personal relationships grow stronger or more intimate. Discuss expectations and security issues.

Merry Christmas.

ARIES: Soft peddle your approach as some are not ready to get both barrels.Your manner is direct.

TAURUS: Meet with power brokers behind the scenes and deals can be made for now or later on.

GEMINI: Others see you differently than you see yourself. It’s important to be clear where you stand.

CANCER: Get clarity regarding expectations and the facts. Focus on what you want as a career or status. 

LEO: Secrets shared with you could be just to get your attention as they know you are soft hearted.

VIRGO: Divide and conquer should be your motto this week. Keep certain individuals separate now.

LIBRA: You have subtle influence over agendas affecting others or office procedure. Play it cool.

SCORPIO: Your intense energy may be interpreted by others as passion. Make intentions clear. 

SAGITTARIUS: Keep benefits or gains private for now as an additional form of security. Relax a bit.

CAPRICORN: Your show of strength or leadership is comforting to those around you. Help them.

AQUARIUS: Negotiate terms that would be lucrative for you or shared with key associates. Share.

PISCES: Your magnetic personality pulls support to you easily now. Decide where you want to be. 

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