Horoscope: Nov. 18-25


Those under pressure need to buy some time before making choices.

You require more than just enthusiasm to reach your goals; framework has to be in place.

Some of this will have to be approved by others. Explain your position in practical terms. Avoid running around aimlessly over this.

Taking time to think or plan hones the target. Be ready to take action by Thursday just before the full moon.

Personal relationships have an influence on choices to make you feel settled on the inside. Soul searching allows you to reach your comfort zone.

Research or investigate where it will help. Past affects the future. Keep info to yourself. Let it play out.
ARIES: Change of plans by choice or not affect location of you or those you care about. Organize.

TAURUS: Comparing notes is fine as long as it does not escalate into a showdown or standoff. 

GEMINI: You do what you can to gain greater influence on command. Avoid emotional scenes.

CANCER: Approach situations from a different angle in order to get more control. Clear up details.

LEO: Avoid taking a gamble on a whim or just to shake things up. Results may not last too long. 

VIRGO: Consider others needs when making decisions regarding home or joint living situation. 

LIBRA: Put serious thought into what you say or present now. There could be a chain reaction.

SCORPIO: Take charge over financial matters. Explain the decisions over others expectations.

SAGITTARIUS: The sun entering your sign adds to your star power. Deal gently with jealousy.

CAPRICORN: Meet with decision makers. They trust your ideas and input as it matches theirs.

AQUARIUS: Allow for balance or shared control even with separate departments. You win out. 

PISCES: Pull strings to position yourself where you want to be or are needed. Use connections.

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