Horoscope: Oct. 28-Nov. 3

Take time to mull things over before you get into the work week, changes need to be considered to see if they are worth it. If they don’t fall into place easily then don’t push.

Words have power or educate while providing a sense of optimism. Be confident in your gut feelings, saying yes or no when asked. Those with the wrong expectations will drop away, in business or personal situations. Handle exchanges quietly on a one to one basis.

Dig into research intently as there is ore to find. Those sitting on information are getting ready to come forward as they see it will matter. Presentation and proof will be key to how this is accepted and by who.

ARIES: Shuffle the deck with financial matters as quick choices need to be made. Take the easy way.

TAURUS: Your intensity is felt at home or in personal relationships. Let others know what you expect.

GEMINI: Be careful with all communications so they arrive at the right destination. Double check them.

CANCER: Your choices or actions are influenced by others now. Make sure you know the real agenda.

LEO: Be adaptable with your personal position and status. You will have some luck with locations etc.

VIRGO: Sweet or comforting words can change your mood or make you feel better. Situation improves.

LIBRA: Financial luck is connected to others or the past. Cash in where you can or invest is something.

SCORPIO: You are looking good and will be more attractive to others. Guard special relationships now.

SAGITTARIUS: A lot goes on behind the scenes and this will bring benefits in the long run. Sign on it.

CAPRICORN: Others give you more authority or support you behind the scenes. Discuss the finances.

AQUARIUS: Be prepared to handle decisions on the spur of the moment as matters shift or change.

PISCES: Travel can occur suddenly or under emergency conditions. Get to the bottom of the cause.

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