Horoscope: Oct. 7-13


Pause or back things up one way or the other.

Look for ways to increase gains using familiar channels or what is already available, it all works out in the end.

The main target is cost-saving measures. Assess the practicality of continuing certain relationships that may be past their usefulness or where feelings have cooled. Handle some of this in a confidential manner.

The new moon in Libra shows the need for balance in all areas; judgments are influenced as well. Strange comments can have a disturbing effect.

Those seeking to control others apply pressure or veiled threats are finding themselves ghosted. Step aside or move to recover.
ARIES: The new moon shines its light on your relationships. They will affect your status or career, etc. 

TAURUS: Power struggles bring about permanent changes when settlements are reached. Relax now. 

GEMINI: Do your best to hold the line and keep things on track as everyone is not on the same page.

CANCER: Take a different approach with those who have some control over your status. Negotiate.

LEO: You can take centre stage or reclaim the position you feel belongs to you. Others will accept it.

VIRGO: Avoid knee-jerk actions or spending too much. Step away from situations not benefiting you.

LIBRA: Show a different side of your personality as you stand up or make demands. It's a surprise.

SCORPIO: Clean house on all levels. Your influence behind the scenes catches others off guard.

SAGITTARIUS: Private talks show you how to proceed or get ahead. Plans or projects are approved. 

CAPRICORN: Others look up to you even if there is tension with egos and the pecking order. Wait.

AQUARIUS: Matters related to the distance need your attention. Look at systems and procedures. 

PISCES: Sort out values, assets or investments to see who is still on board. Liquidate what you can. 

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