Horoscope: Sept. 23-29


Attend to duties even if you feel tired or pessimistic.

Avoid signing things just to get them out of the way; consider the consequences.

Take a break or go for coffee until the mood shifts, it won’t take that long.

There is a need for further negotiations. Agree to meet up with others at a neutral setting. A short drive will be refreshing in any case.

The full moon shows a need to balance aggression with reason.

Those seeking more authority or higher position must stand their ground causing others to step aside by choice or not.

Personal attractions have some influence on how all this plays out and who ends up where. Transfer or move.
ARIES: Relationships affect your reputation or status one way or the other. Past exchanges set tone.

TAURUS: Pull a plan together even if you have to do an override during protest by other know-it-alls.

GEMINI: Pursue your desires against all odds. Others advise or try to influence where things will go.

CANCER: Home or location matters are a priority for you or those you care for. There is a time limit.

LEO: Work a deal more to your liking on the job or connected to assets. Put in the effort required.

VIRGO: Holding the line on finances will have greater benefits down the road. Be glad you did this.

LIBRA: Decisions to move affect you or those you care about. Circumstances show limits of choice. 

SCORPIO: Use communication talents to provide a smoke screen for what is going on behind you.

SAGITTARIUS: You don’t need to follow others rules as they are not aware of the right directions.

CAPRICORN: A shift in the pecking order can cause uncertainty about who is in charge. Clear it up.

AQUARIUS: Matters over distance need focus or direction. Turn up the heat on financial settlements.

PISCES: Work around those who try to block you or they are showing their jealousy. Just walk away. 

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