Horoscope: June 17-23


Thoughts and emotions float to find a safe place to land. This will work as plans come together in a casual way.

Separate what needs to happen from what you want; there is a difference. Organize or apply for funding.

Shoulder responsibilities alone if you have to. Use stored knowledge or expertise. Your imagination can dress up words or presentations to make them more acceptable on all levels.

Everyone involved needs to feel comfortable or included. Concentrate on what must be done in record time. Pause relationships if they create delays or confusion.

Celebrate achievements. Try something new or travel. Guard secrets or use them wisely. Some will move.
ARIES: Visit private or secure places to discuss plans going forward. Procedures come down to fine points. 

TAURUS: Separate things or put them into categories for easy handling. Delegate duties to get this done.

GEMINI: Pull away from certain questions or disclosures to get some breathing room. Seek new locations.

CANCER: You do your best to influence others or bring them on side. It's hard to convince certain ones.

LEO: Behind the scenes arrangements support your residential plans. Accept what others offer you now. 

VIRGO: Your luck is increased through the involvement of those who can pull the right strings for you. 

LIBRA: Take on more responsibility or a leadership role even if it is only temporary. Enjoy the extra perks.

SCORPIO: You look like the one able to pull everyone else together. They sense your inner strength. 

SAGITTARIUS: Special arrangements make you feel more secure in the long run. It's a win-win situation. 

CAPRICORN: You have the use of others' positions or funds to fulfil a shared agenda. Results will be good. 

AQUARIUS: Others see you in a different light as your status rises in a natural, but unusual way. Persist.

PISCES: Visits at home or away will be more idyllic due to enhanced connections that develop with them.

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