Horoscope: June 3-9


Put things off to a later date if it won’t cause a problem. Make a list of priorities and give others notice regarding their expected participation.

Some may have to change their schedules to take care of responsibilities, by choice or not.

Pull finances together or get solid commitment from those who will. Lay out plans in a way that can be actualized in real time; this will be important for all involved.

Avoid dealing with relationship drama while keeping your eye on the ball and end goal. Don’t misread others behaviour if it seems out of sorts. Some take longer to make adjustments.

Follow a plan or formula that has worked before so there will be minimal stress attached.
ARIES: Have explanations ready if private information leaks out. Status or reputation could be affected.

TAURUS: Finances need to be negotiated or rearranged to meet certain requirements. Take it in steps. 

GEMINI: You try to create an image that others will believe or get behind. They need to feel secure.

CANCER: Behind-the-scenes talks require follow through from those with the authority to handle this.

LEO: Others notice your worth, but wait for you to mention it. You deserve better compensation, etc.

VIRGO: Take a more independent stand and you will feel better about yourself. Others are relieved. 

LIBRA: A trip or getting away from it all allows you to buy some time to consider other options now. 

SCORPIO: Read the fine print, as changes may be needed. Handle matters near or far. May move.

SAGITTARIUS: Others are willing to be involved with your private plans or ideas. Make arrangements.

CAPRICORN: A firm stand on your part provides security for others allowing them to relax or step back.

AQUARIUS: Take the helm in a leadership role whether it’s temporary or permanent. You can do it.

PISCES: Entertain or meet with important individuals in private or at a neutral location. Make deals.

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