Horoscope: May 27-June 2


Endeavor to move with the times even if it goes against the grain.

Some feel they are being dragged along kicking and screaming.

Try not to embarrass yourself too much in the process.

The full moon tuesday affects communications near or far; make it clear where you stand.

New or innovative changes will be seen as timely so making adjustments to it will be easier than expected.

Get together socially to throw around some ideas; objections are dismissed as posturing.

Look at ways to share perks or benefits with all involved. Situations smooth out in a casual manner.

Some have to eat their words or walk things back. Smile while taking it all in stride. 

ARIES: You can jump into uncharted waters and come up smelling like a rose. You enjoy new challenges.

TAURUS: Shift gears in your finances or investments; there are ways to increase your overall gains now. 

GEMINI: You impress others by pulling a rabbit out of the hat when it was most needed. You can show off.

CANCER: You work behind the scenes to pull things together. The end result influences career or status.

LEO: Connect with or meet up with those who can pull strings for you where needed. It works out later. 

VIRGO: Relationships can be improved in all directions as others see that your requests are reasonable. 

LIBRA: Improvements are worth the cost in the long run. Help or funding is available if you really need it. 

SCORPIO: You feel like a winner in more than one area or location. Past support is still available to you. 

SAGITTARIUS: Behind the scenes connections are lucky and benefits come from others resources etc. 

CAPRICORN: Associates feel better when they know you are on the job or have your hands on the reins.

AQUARIUS: You can reach a new level of earnings in more than one area. Popularity brings you more.

PISCES: Your words or actions are the catalyst for positive changes that affect personal or business.

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