Horoscope: May 13-19


There is hope for recovery on many levels as well as relationships; reunions are special.

Plan events that would be enjoyable to all. A show of generosity goes a long way. Meet in the middle if others are overstepping boundaries or seem unbalanced.

Bright ideas spark changes that could include equipment upgrades as well; get phones or other communication devices.

The new moon in Taurus places more focus on finances and practical matters; assess values.

Freewheeling actions can lead to accidents or other radical activity, so be careful. Lay out stable plans that may be time sensitive.

Take a break on the weekend for light-hearted fun or special entertainment.
ARIES: You can shake things up by not letting others know where you really stand. They need to speak first.

TAURUS: Standing your ground can cause others to feel nervous as they hoped things would be different.

GEMINI: Private or protected information comes out and there will be some additional question to answer.

CANCER: Others have some influence on your position or status in personal or business areas. Talk it over. 

LEO: Surroundings or location choices need your attention now. Certain circumstances will affect outcome.

VIRGO: Others help you up the ladder as they become more aware of your value to their own agenda, etc.

LIBRA: Be ready to travel or adapt to sudden changes affecting you or those who rely on you or your ideas.

SCORPIO: Different rules or regulations will require some adjustments for all involved. Read them carefully. 

SAGITTARIUS: Stick to your values or ethics no matter what others want you to do. It will be very important. 

CAPRICORN: Others count on you to be the fixer on more than one level. You have the right experience.

AQUARIUS: Take charge of pressing matters. Clearing or getting repairs done is a welcome relief of sorts.

PISCES: Rely on connections or procedures from the past as this still works for your agenda or situation.

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