Horoscope: April 8-14


Some are letting their own agenda and opinions shade the truth, so be patient and dig for the facts. It all comes out in the wash eventually.

Avoid scattering your forces while on the hunt. Emotional stubbornness can be an issue in competitions for positions. Step away if it gets too heated until this settles down.

There are issues over real worth and it needs to be spelled out clearly.

Certain egos require a different platform and should seek it out. Personal relationships deepen so spend quality time together; make a passionate connection. Discuss mutual interests that could lead to travel plans.

Check out romantic places. Friday the 13th is lucky, so make choices then.

ARIES: Contain your surprise if attention is focused on you unexpectedly. Reputation or status will benefit.

TAURUS: Take care of matters behind the scenes for yourself or others. Special arrangements needed.

GEMINI: Brainstorm with those in positions of influence, as you may need their input or funds to back you.

CANCER: Your position will be influenced by the level of negotiations required to reach a settlement now.

LEO: Your knowledge or ability is worth more than you think. Consolidate this for a presentation of sorts.

VIRGO: Rely more on the strength of relationships above material possessions. It will be more enduring.

LIBRA: The push is on for choices to be made. This could extend to residence or location changes. 

SCORPIO: A shift of positions could see some at odds with where they think they should be. Be patient.

SAGITTARIUS: Stay focused and plow through obstacles or delays. Put off negotiations until later date.

CAPRICORN: You can be out there more than usual. Others have been waiting to see what you will do.

AQUARIUS: Pay attention to what needs to be done ahead of other plans or events. Receive company.

PISCES: There is a delicate balance between who owes who or how much. Keep all wagers friendly.

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