Horoscope: Feb. 4-10


Recovery from overdoing or indulging is advised to prepare for the duties ahead. There is a need to be with it and on point.

Be quiet if more time is taken for this. Harness disjointed chatter and pull things together. Be light and social with uptight individuals to ease agendas forward.

In some cases, this can be helped by romantic feelings between co-workers. Hold morning meetings to share thoughts and get everyone on the same page. Final decisions still rest at the top; leaders demonstrate their calm control.

Sit on the sidelines if you don’t like what’s going on; your turn comes later. Some will have to move or change locations by choice or not.

It all works out.

ARIES: You may have to navigate through channels controlled by others temporarily, and then go on your own.

TAURUS: Others give you needed support in various ways as they know they need you. Implement agenda.

GEMINI: Work off site if it helps move things along. You can mix business with pleasure so enjoy yourself.

CANCER: Negotiations deepen regarding finances or assets joined to others. Follow lines of protocol now.

LEO: Find out what is really going on so you know what cards to play with those who enjoy the exchange.

VIRGO: Some pressure is lifted through the efforts of others. Ride along with changes as they happen.

LIBRA: You push your luck this week. Make sure you have a backup plan or a way out of any difficulties.

SCORPIO: Hold meetings in a casual setting or at someone else’s place. Hammer out details for them.

SAGITTARIUS: Bring forth information that others want to know. Your ability to do research is increasing.

CAPRICORN: You have a form of control behind the scenes as you have taken time to crunch numbers.

AQUARIUS: You stand out in more ways than one. Others see you as a shining star or winner. Relax.

PISCES: You reach deeper levels of attachment or commitment. Make any necessary concessions now.

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