Horoscope: Jan. 21-27


Emotional focus helps push agendas along a productive path. There are some time constraints to work around; organization is key.

Monday is a good day to make decisions or launch plans. Relax on a stable glide path while pulling others on board who can add to the success.

Cooler heads should have final say on uncertain matters. Dig deep into areas that need further investigation; the facts or evidence are there. Secrets can come out. Communicate over distance to spread news or promote.

It's like a mental spring for those chomping at the bit to get going. Any confusing issues should get sorted out. Some personal relationships need a re-assessment.

ARIES: Double check the support you have behind the scenes. Others make some resources available to you.

TAURUS: Support for your image brings confidence in your position as it stand at this point. Dress to impress.

GEMINI: The past will have some influence on the direction things take from now on. Have private meetings.

CANCER: You feel lucky, but there may be unusual circumstance connected to associates or finances now.

LEO: Take on added responsibility that others usually handle. It looks good on your resume going forward.

VIRGO: Others make you feel more comfortable as they show how much they care. Spend time together.

LIBRA: Plan some changes around you even if it involves environment, furnishings or work areas. Purge.

SCORPIO: You stand out as the one with the right plans or ideas. These would work well for all involved.

SAGITTARIUS: Pull stings behind the scenes to push your agenda forward. Focus on financial benefits.

CAPRICORN: Those in positions of power like you and include you in their circle or as consultant.

AQUARIUS: Your star is on the rise as circumstances undergo changes. Accept what is due or earned.

PISCES: Re-connect to the past or those not seen for awhile. There are matters to revisit or solve now.

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