Horoscope: Jan. 14-20

The urge for change or freedom causes some unpredictable actions or reactions. Schedules are subject to some changes as well.

This can affect various levels so check where you stand in all this. Adjust as quickly as possible to avoid destabilization and to shore up security.

Powerful leaders take centre stage to calm the waters. A united front will be important going forward.

The new moon in Capricorn highlights practical, businesslike activity. Crunch the numbers personally or officially. Speeches are uplifting to those nervous or unsure.

Relationships can reach the commitment stage as you make plans together. Visit secluded places.

Reunions would be comforting.

ARIES: Your input has an effect on what happens even if you don’t have the authority to give the orders.

TAURUS: Events occur that require schedule changes for yourself or others. It all works out in the end.

GEMINI: Explanations will be required regarding financial dealings or assets connected to past or others.

CANCER: Close relationships will have an effect on your status or reputation. Follow legal requirements.

LEO: You can take on the role of teacher to those who would benefit from your expertise. It’s appreciated.

VIRGO: You can wing it a bit and take action instinctually. The final results look agreeable to all involved.

LIBRA: You have added luck with home or property matters. Others mistakes or decisions benefit you.

SCORPIO: Use your influence to support or bring about changes affecting others. They like your words.

SAGITTARIUS: Your intuition helps you navigate financial matters, especially with any buying or selling.

CAPRICORN: Others have your back as you step up to the plate. Your works or actions cause change.

AQUARIUS: Brainstorm with those having the power to make things happen. Your input is key to them.

PISCES: Rub elbows with influential individuals or those well connected. Accept invitations or access.

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