Horoscope: Dec. 10-16


Changes occur suddenly. Situations or conditions get switched up. Prepare for the unexpected as well as the unusual.

Deals can be made after taking a closer look. Be clear about intentions in relationships. Check messages you are sending or receiving.

Spread cheer and good will at work or socially. Put together new plans to be implemented later.

Basic expectations are positive. Lighthearted banter helps to get everyone on to the same page.

Make sure the numbers add up to make it cost effective all round. Relationships reach a point of decision, ask the right questions or give the right answers before the end of the year. Travel near or far.

ARIES: Plans or events may take you away from home or base of operations. There are benefits in this.

TAURUS: Make use of others finances or assets. You come out on the winning side of special deals .

GEMINI: Others become involved in agreements or relationship settlements. Play any wild cards now.

CANCER: Your status or position is subject to change; have a backup plan. Negotiations are intense.

LEO: You are lucky in more than one area this week. Take a chance or go for that new job or position.

VIRGO: Special arrangements or conditions will give you added security. Relax while it's unfolding.

LIBRA: What you say or do is noticed by others as being special or important. Make the right moves.

SCORPIO: Financial coups or windfalls boost your ego. Jump into new or vacated positions to gain.

SAGITTARIUS: You attract attention is unexpected ways. Demonstrate your talents or knowledge.

CAPRICORN: You have power and support behind the scenes. Work from a position of inner strength.

AQUARIUS: Powerful or influential people are on your side including you in the circle. Relax a bit.

PISCES: Step into the lime light near or far. It's time for you to be recognized. Your status is rising.

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