Horoscope: Oct. 8-14

Overview of all signs:

A restrained approach on various levels will convince others of your commitment to a realistic agenda.

Take steps to curb waste or launch an austerity program. Staying on message will advance plans or projects. Keep comments clear and simple.

Discussions can reveal covert or suppressed information that can be used or turfed. Power struggles between strong egos need to be settled one way of the other; some ties are cut. Frustration may involve authorities stepping in to take control.

Try your luck Friday the 13th.

Travel or meet at a neutral location to discuss plans in person. Take a look at how things were handled before and use what worked back then.

ARIES: Pressure from others or circumstance may see you going it alone as you are outside the loop.

TAURUS: Work within time constraints while you try to advance your personal or business agenda now.

GEMINI: Others flex their authority behind the scenes. This allows you to find a path around their moves.

CANCER: Increased pressure affects home or base of operations. Seek clarity in the role you will play.

LEO: You lay out a plan or have to explain to others the best route to take. Make it a painless process.

VIRGO: Work out the fine points of any arrangements that affect your finances, residence or security.

LIBRA: It's time for you to step forward and show your hand or explain your agenda. Ignore resistance.

SCORPIO: Shift gears or cause others to do so. The power structure is changing behind the scenes.

SAGITTARIUS: You take charge or replace others. Higher ups are confident in the way you handle it.

CAPRICORN: Being the leader or the target brings out the jealousy in those who want your position.

AQUARIUS: Serious or important matters need to be taken care of over distance by you or them now.

PISCES: You have a few aces up your sleeve when it comes to having a showdown with competition.

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