Horoscope: Oct. 1-7

Controlled focus can help to push an agenda forward; get out of the way.

The force is felt or seen on more than one level. There needs to be a shift into a more positive or effective direction.

Those who don’t normally work together can do so now. Emotional connections deepen taking relationships to another level.

The next stage may need some planning or getting others onto the same page. Take some time to deal with this.

Choices between independence or co-operation are key. Don’t expect more than can be delivered, some are still sorting out the details or how they feel.

Reality checks help with getting rid of baggage; let go of things that won’t change.

ARIES: Your emotional expectations are at a peak with the full moon in your sign. Have a heart to heart.

TAURUS: You take a feet-on-the-ground approach to most matters this week. Slowly push your agenda.

GEMINI: You seek support from those in powerful or key positions. They want some control or influence.

CANCER: Negotiations intensify affecting relationships, home or base of operations. Reach agreements.

LEO: What you say or lay out in plans will be applauded by others. Job or income is favourably affected.

VIRGO: You feel passionate about what you want or need, so any discussions will have positive results.

LIBRA: You step forward in ways that others will feel comfortable with your words or actions. You lead.

SCORPIO: You pull strings behind the scenes and are seen as a whisperer of sorts. Get messages out.

SAGITTARIUS: Influential associates go to bat for you and your status or reputation in enhanced. Enjoy.

CAPRICORN: Speak or teach as others appreciate your knowledge and expertise. Your influence calms.

AQUARIUS: Your reach expands near or far. You will benefit from others resources or good connections.

PISCES: You come out the winner in most areas of exchange. You have a natural gaming instinct. Use it.

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