Horoscope: Sept. 24-30

Overview for all signs:

Situations will have a strange or unreal air about them; keep feet on the ground. Conspiracy theories evolve.

There is a need for discretion. Navigate through unusual or foggy conditions or deception. Don’t count on promises.

Some drift into fantasy; avoid drugs or alcohol induced states that could lead to procrastination. Reactions have negative or deadly results.

Relationships reach a point of having the “talk” as they cannot carry on as they are.

Cut ties personally or on a larger scale. Keep plans private until launch; think independently.

Travel to select places. Wise counsel helps to pull things together or provide assistance. Dig deep while seeking further clarity.

ARIES: Meetings in private help with decisions about the direction things will take. Cut away deadwood.

TAURUS: You need to wing it as circumstances or conditions change. Hang on to anything that is secure.

GEMINI: Your status or reputation fluctuates. Decisions need to be made regarding career or locations.

CANCER: Increased communication is needed to nail things down. Others dodge questions about plans.

LEO: Work out the details on financial matters before taking on anything expensive. You can make deals.

VIRGO: Explain your needs to those who can assist or fulfill them. There is a lack of understanding now.

LIBRA: Take care of private matters for yourself or those you care for. More information will be needed.

SCORPIO: Deeper research or investigations provide clues to what was really going on around you.

SAGITTARIUS: Handle mysterious or unusual situations. Join forces with those behind the scenes, etc.

CAPRICORN: Contact with those over distance provide answers or supplies that benefit all involved.

AQUARIUS: Special arrangements with key individuals affect finances or assets. Discuss the terms.

PISCES: You have unseen influence on the status or reputations of others now. Research the facts.

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