Horoscope: Sept.17-23

Overview for all signs:

An optimistic mood is supported by those aware of the facts or evidence.

Proceed on the present path to achieve success. Partner with those on the same page.

Other sources of income or benefits are discussed. Get the details compiled in a way for easy scrutiny or acceptance. Call out those who try to spin things to their advantage.

The new moon focuses on practical action and work ethic. Those who balk at this should move on.

Powerful words or actions have a note of finality by Friday. Some revert to a more covert plan or action.

Bide your time on pressured situations. Sometime a shift in the tide can be like a groundswell that provides the energy to get things done.

ARIES: Shift your focus or go in a different direction. Accept a transfer or different position that works.

TAURUS: Short-term speculation can bring you benefits or get you involved with influential players.

GEMINI: Fluctuating circumstances have an effect on where home or base of operations will end up.

CANCER: Use charm to convince others of your plans or actions. Someone is illusive or dodging you.

LEO: Double check all data related to finances or assets, especially where others have influence.

VIRGO: Make sure you are heard clearly by those who have an alternate agenda to yours. Call them.

LIBRA: Gather your forces or evidence behind the scenes so you can take action from a strong point.

SCORPIO: Those with broad influence are on your side no matter how it seems now. Stay in touch.

SAGITTARIUS: Others see you in a different light now as you take a more prominent position. Good.

CAPRICORN: Share your knowledge or experience with those who need it. They will appreciate this.

AQUARIUS: You benefit from others privately. Special arrangements make this go more smoothly.

PISCES: Input from mate or partner should be considered as it would have positive results or gains.

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