Horoscope: Aug. 13-19

Overview for all signs:

Retrograde Mercury continues for the next three weeks creating some reversals, cancellations or glitches.

Take extra time with everything unless it's unavoidable. Avoid signing anything binding unless it was already in motion before the week started; these can be completed.

Communications could be dropped as well; check devices and connections, etc.

Follow calm, disciplined professional activity. Get to the bottom of how everyone really feels to avoid misunderstandings.

There are some jealousy issues and power plays to handle or adjust to. This causes insecurity for some.

Sabre rattling is the wrong way to go as reactions to it would be negative or over the top.

ARIES: Knee-jerk actions cause push back that could affect locations for you or others in your circle.

TAURUS: Shed light on matters that require more clarity. This involves your or those needing help.

GEMINI: Financial matters come under more scrutiny and may extent to the value of assets as well.

CANCER: You tug on the reins as a power struggle needs to be resolved. Blend efforts or seek truce.

LEO: You put forth enormous efforts to get ahead of the games that others are playing with you now.

VIRGO: Stay with your base that provides a feeling of solidarity. Be silent to advance your position.

LIBRA: Your words have weight and others look to you for leadership. You carry the ball for them.

SCORPIO: Stand tall in your position and respect for you will grow or return to the proper levels.

SAGITTARIUS: Your steady hand on the wheel helps to navigate through various issues. Handle it.

CAPRICORN: Others count on you to have their back no matter what is going on. Show your loyalty.

AQUARIUS: Important or trusted associates come on board to smooth things over or attract gains.

PISCES: Sort out the pecking order so all involved can save face. Respect the rules and protocols.

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