Horoscope: Aug. 6-12

Overview for all signs:

The full moon lunar eclipse encourages ego clashes as the week begins.

Those pushing an unpopular agenda will experience opposition to some of this; negotiate terms that all involved can live with.

Get required signatures from those with the power to do this. Certain choices will depend on funding structure or back-up.

Strings are pulled behind the scenes by those having the final say. A more friendly atmosphere by Thursday could see bi-partisan agreements on some level.

This will raise the level of optimism in general, at least for now. Travel or arrangements over distance work out well. Give love a chance to blossom by taking time to be alone.

Mercury turns retrograde.

ARIES: Friends or associates let you know what they really think. Decide who is in and who is out now.

TAURUS: The full moon highlights your status or reputation, make sure its for the better. Clear agenda.

GEMINI: Discussion or messages back and forth could extend over distance. Meet demands or cancel.

CANCER: Hammer out agreements with those in control of funds or assets. Seek information or settle.

LEO: You demonstrate your leadership ability when it comes to handling others, legals or authorities.

VIRGO: Take care of important matters behind the scenes. This may affect mobility temporarily. Wait.

LIBRA: Advice of influence from those with power can help you get out of your comfort zone. Go now.

SCORPIO: Your ability to lead, control or otherwise take charge is secure. Maintain the status quo.

SAGITTARIUS: Take care of matters connected to distance for yourself or others. Make decisions.

CAPRICORN: Others feel comfortable with the way you handle things and will give you more to do.

AQUARIUS: Mate or partnership matters are in focus under the full moon. Show where you stand.

PISCES: Clean house or implement different rules or regulations. This will work as a type of reboot.

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