Horoscope: July 16-22

Overview for all signs:

Seek information or evidence from unlikely sources; some try to hide this on purpose.

Go slow so nothing will get missed; backtrack if necessary. It will be Important to look deeper to get at the facts.

Certain individuals expect more than they will get as they have misread their actual value. This includes relationships that are not as they seem.

Emotional reactions can appear to be immature causing breaks or endings that some don’t want or did not see coming.

Avoid accidents. Calm down or help others to do so.

Stay out of the spotlight while dealing with relationships. Discuss reasonable, logical or practical goals in all matters. Endings or closure by the weekend.

ARIES: Sudden travel or moves will ultimately benefit your long term agenda. Stay the course now.

TAURUS: Unexpected matters need your attention. This can be for yourself or those requiring help.

GEMINI: Use your charm to extend your influence in key areas. Get support of friends or associates.

CANCER: Sort out the details regarding your efforts, work or compensation. Discuss this in private.

LEO: Shift burdens and responsibilities. Consider other locations for a short or long stay. Enjoy it.

VIRGO: Relax or seek seclusion to regroup. Circumstances change by choice or not, but it works.

LIBRA: Accept offers on perks that make things easier for you in the long run. Get others together.

SCORPIO: Tighten the reins to make things run smoother. Your agenda is worthwhile benefitting all.

SAGITTARIUS: You gain from personal or business associations or agreements. It can be a release.

CAPRICORN: Others count on your expertise as you assist or train them. Proceed slowly with ease.

AQUARIUS: Take an alternate approach to what you do and how you do it. Activate past methods.

PISCES: Re-evaluate property or assets if you are looking at selling. An adjustment benefits you.

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