Horoscope: July 9-15

Power struggles heat up and some talk or act in covert ways trying to tip the scales in their favour.

Those who are respected and have true influence will rise above all this to the relief of others; some may have to eat their words or apologize.

Loyalty will be appreciated and calms the waters.

Silence is golden on more than one level. An oblique approach grows legs in a different direction that will be like an escape hatch for those looking for one.

Keep meetings private for now.

It's time to retire for some or let go of the reins. Travel or expand your world in other ways. Get together to celebrate or attend special events whether its for business or personal reasons.

ARIES: Consider the best location of home or base of operations for you or those counting on you.

TAURUS: Matters over distance require your attention one way of the other. Do what is best for all.

GEMINI: Issues need resolution regarding finances or assets that others have some influence over.

CANCER: Mate or partnership matters reach a point of decision. Be willing to negotiate or settle up.

LEO: Focus on health or work as one affects the other. Focus on personal issues or for associates.

VIRGO: Avoid pushing those who have influence in areas that can help you. This takes time to do.

LIBRA: Changes of position will be for your ultimate good whether happening by choice or not. Wait.

SCORPIO: Leave the scene to the area if things heat up. Keep all communication clear or engaging.

SAGITTARIUS: Take further control with finances or assets. Sell or get rid of what you don’t want.

CAPRICORN: You can stonewall in quiet, respectful ways. Others are aware of your boundaries.

AQUARIUS: Pull strings behind the scenes or make decisions for others. Let the truth be known.

PISCES: Be more selective with associates as you become aware of who is just along for the ride.

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