Horoscope: June 11-17

Overview for all signs:

Those with obsessive, compulsive thoughts should keep these to themselves for now as circumstances changes.

New information sheds light on related matters. This allows a feeling of optimism to return.

Make use of covert or privileged connections that give you the inside track. Separate truth from alternate facts as there is some fudging; follow gut feelings. 

There is a transition of sorts. Responsibilities change for some by choice or not. In any case, it looks final.

Strings are pulled behind the scenes to bring this about while avoiding arguments across the isle of battling with strong egos.

Pause and reset goals or the path you will take to reach them in the future.

ARIES: Chats in private will bring others on board with you in an anonymous way. It works out better.

TAURUS: You make progress with work and finances. Navigate obstacles or restrictions to get ahead.

GEMINI: You shuffle the financial deck to allow for spending in areas that you feel are more deserving.

CANCER: Behind-the-scenes plans or meetings will affect residence, job or location. Choice is limited.

LEO: Speculative thoughts carry you over the rainbow. Make sure there is real, grounded support.

VIRGO: Classification will have some effect on your status or position. Discuss this in person to gain.

LIBRA: You benefit from travel or moves, near or far. Connect with your past or alternate locations.

SCORPIO: Others show their support for you and are willing to fund your plans or projects. Compare.

SAGITTARIUS: You benefit from mate or partnership matters. Finalize any related papers or sign them.

CAPRICORN: Others view you as a leader even if you don’t have the official title. It works for all now.

AQUARIUS: You gain from those who have been there for you in the past. Negotiate special terms.

PISCES: Visit those in seclusion or out of sight in some way. Serious, long-term plans are discussed.

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