Horoscope: May 21-27

Words can be seen as a challenge by those who already have a chip on their shoulder.

Monday is a power day when decisions are made; resistance is there, but maintain a sense of propriety to avoid losing ground.

Open dialogue in a more casual manner to smooth things over on various levels. Hissy fits are not good for business no matter how you see the end game playing out.

Egos drive personal ambitions. Competitions become manipulative to some degree as those with strong, progressive natures try to hang on to what they see as theirs.

The new moon provides a different platform to gain agreements. Meet in person. Promises are discussed or made.

ARIES: Look at the realities of your position now. It seems like a change or revamp is called for. It's timely.

TAURUS: Fine tune your financial situation to better represent your basic ambitions. Purge or sell things.

GEMINI: Your skill with words may be called upon to break a deadlock or work up a better plan all round.

CANCER: Silence is golden until you see where you fit in with the other players. Positions are changed.

LEO: You have the ear of powerful or influential individuals. Find common ground with them to advance.

VIRGO: Don’t overshoot the mark with your expectations of others; they have to work around limitations.

LIBRA: Work out a agreement with mate or partners over who owns what or has control over the assets.

SCORPIO: Lay out the rules regarding austerity measures. Others may object. There are ultimate gains.

SAGITTARIUS: Take a serious look at others' agendas before assessing your own level of involvement.

CAPRICORN: Others look to you for leadership even from behind the scenes adding a sense of security.

AQUARIUS: Open things up on one level while keeping your hands on the reins elsewhere. Multi-task.

PISCES: Those jealous of you show their true colours in revealing ways. Don’t be drawn into the drama.

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