Horoscope: April 9-15

Overview for all signs

Some start the week off in a grumpy mood; do what makes you feel better, even if it's just temporary.

Mercury turns retrograde, so be prepared to do repairs or redo on more than one level. Avoid signing anything binding unless it's already in motion. Completing things is fine. Watch driving.

Words come out wrong, so double check all communications for accuracy. This period lasts about three weeks. The full moon adds an emotional edge as well; be extra vigilant. Try a different approach here.

Cut ties that no longer serve you or them. Seek a more independent path that makes better use of your abilities or ambitions.

Find ways to freedom.

ARIES: You shock or surprise others by shifting gears in mid stream. It can still work out for everyone.

TAURUS: You are able to pull things together in unexpected ways as you have the groundwork already.

GEMINI: Meet with others in private who have the power to assist you with your plans. Agree to this.

CANCER: Sudden changes affect your status or ambitious goals. Be willing to roll with circumstances.

LEO: Opportunities to travel could see you becoming interested in unusual places or attending events.

VIRGO: Connections to the past can be lucky for you now, near or far. It may affect finances or security.

LIBRA: Emotional actions or reactions bring about changes with relationships, work or personal areas.

SCORPIO: Unexpected rug pulling will shift the pecking order. Others look to you for direction now.

SAGITTARIUS: Influential individuals lend a hand or connect you to benefits. You feel lucky. Can win.

CAPRICORN: Your positions is stronger. Circumstances work in your favour. Others like your ideas.

AQUARIUS: Your star is shining brighter, near or far. Take independent action to move things along.

PISCES: Look deeper for areas of benefit or compensation. The proof is there to be found with this.

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